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We build technology just for you

Search, discover and assign

Our education, user experience, and development teams are dedicated to building tools that inspire parents and children with new learning ideas, enabling parents to rate and recommend assignments for each kid based on individual age, level and strengths. Access ideas from other sites and ideas posted by Co-learn parents. Our experts curate and present the best material in one filterable, sortable list.

Plan, track and report

Drag your favorite learning ideas into a calendar or to-do board, or create your own. Create printable calendars and task lists. Track your students' progress using Kanban or list views. We are developing ways for parents, teachers, and others to view your students' progress.

Live classes and online learning

Our education leaders are tasked with procuring the best resources for learning. They are also architecting the next generation of curriculum.

  • Free mini-courses
  • Pro online courses
  • Working Groups
  • Access to learning modules and projects

Connect with co-learners

Our leaders and engineers are working with co-learning parents to create tools that connect parents and students around the world to answer questions, collaborate, and bring people together online and in-person.

  • Q&A site
  • Blog
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Co-Learning is an adventure that brings families closer together

  • Utilize cutting edge learning methods
  • Unleash the interests and passions of your children
  • Access the resources of your communities
  • Do extended project-based learning
  • Use the best online curriculum, media, and tools
  • Achieve greater learning than state mandated curriculum

1,784,423 Co-learners in the United States and counting

Co-Learn Leadership

Michael Staton

Founder and Chief Visionary

Michael Staton is a veteran founder and early stage executive, as well as early stage investor, exclusively in education and learning. He currently is a Partner at Learn Capital. He was pivotal to the founding of Reach Capital as well as UnCollege and Dev Bootcamp. He was Founder and CEO of Uversity, which raised money from Founders Fund and the Gates Foundation, and sold to TargetX.

Michelle Spencer

CEO of Schools

As CEO of Schools for Co-Learn Club, Michelle is passionate about educational reform. Highlights of her career include designing project-based learning units for grades 2-12 and founding a charter school that facilitated projects and internships for all students. She was an administrator for teaching and learning with a homeschool program that supports 5,000 students in nine counties. Michelle builds lines of access to college classes while students are still in high school, and launched a 501c3 non-profit that trains thousands of educators and parents across the US and internationally.

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