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Michael Staton

Michael Staton

Founder and Colearner

Michael Staton is a lifelong educator, colearner, and entrepreneur. Beginning as a public school teacher, Michael redesigned his classroom around getting typical high-school students ready for the academic rigors of college. Now a Partner at Learn Capital, he spent over a decade as an education entrepreneur and investor, backing innovators like Coursera, Outschool, Photomath, MakeSchool, Minerva, Clever, and NearPod. He was also helpful to the founding of Million Lives Fund, Reach Capital, Higher Ed Live, UnCollege, YearOn and Dev Bootcamp. He was co-founder and CEO of Uversity, which changed the way colleges do admissions and enrollment management.

Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer

Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer

Michelle is passionate about educational reform. She founded a charter school that facilitated project-based learning and internships for every student. She was an administrator of a homeschool that supports 5,000 students in nine counties. Michelle launched a 501c3 non-profit that trains thousands of educators and parents across the US and internationally.

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