College Application Journey

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The College Planning Journey does not come with a set of instructions but there are resources that can help families effectively plan for college. Although college planning is primarily focused on the student journey, parents and supportive adults  play an instrumental part in guiding students through the process. During our working group, we will explore resources available to help students find the right academic and financial fit for postsecondary success. 

Length & Duration: 60-minute live, virtual meetings once a week for 4 weeks

We will explore the following topics:

  • How to help students identify and research colleges that are the right academic, financial and social fit for them.

  • Examining resources that help students prepare for college readiness assessments  such as the SAT and ACT. 

  • Learn more about scholarship and grant opportunities to offset the costs of a college education 

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Parents will be able to guide students through the most important steps of applying for college, will learn about the different types of financing options for college, and acquire more information about the resources available to guide students from application to enrollment. 



Queenstar Akrong

Queenstar Akrong

Queenstar Akrong is the Founder and CEO of Adisa Advising. With nearly a decade of experience in the education sector, she created Adisa Advising because she wanted to help parents feel more empowered in the college planning journey. She received her B.A in International Affairs and Political Science from Notre Dame of Maryland University and a Masters in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of her work with Adisa, she works on College & Career Access initiatives at an Education company.