Multisensory Reading

Kids learn through play. Parents in this Working Group will look at different activities and resources which are easy to create and get kids up and moving while they are learning to read. We'll incorporate strategies like how to incorporate music and movement into learning at any age.

Parents will have a place to ask questions, have discussions about reading instruction or any struggles their children experience. By the end of our 4-week Working Group, parents will be a bit more confident and more in love with teaching reading.

Length & Duration: Four 60-minute live, virtual meetings once a week

Girl Reading

Reading is about finding the meaning of what we are reading.  It is so much more than just words on a page.  

The question is how do we get our kids to that point and what are the best ways?  Especially as homeschoolers, the resources seem to be a little less available.  

There is strong evidence in research that shows how much multi-sensory learning can impact our kids and we know that all children are different and learn differently.  They each have their own unique way.  

This Working Group will share:

  • Activities that involve all the senses which are quick and easy to make.  They don’t require a lot of time nor resources and are activities that are versatile to use across any subject. 

  •  Ways we can support each other.  There is so much out there in reading instruction, but what does is actually all mean and how do we use it.  This is a place to come with questions or worries to work together and find answers and what can best work for each child.


Sara du Toit

Sara du Toit

Sara's passion is teaching reading, especially with reading intervention. She holds a teaching degree in elementary education and was able to use that in a kindergarten class in Zimbabwe all the way up to 5th grade in North Carolina. Once she became a mom and stayed home with her kiddos, she began tutoring. Over the last ten years she has worked with kids one on one and helping them overcome their struggles with reading. Four years ago when her oldest child was entering first grade she started the journey of homeschooling and hasn’t looked back since.