Photography for Kids

Photography is the art of capturing light to create an image. It is used in a variety of fields like science, business, and the arts. It can be a powerful communication tool and many people enjoy photography as a hobby. In the past, taking photographs required a camera, but today they can be taken with mobile devices and tablets.

Does your child like to use a cell phone or tablet to take pictures or record things? The cameras included in digital devices are so easy to use, kids don’t really even need any instruction to take basic photos. But what if they could take those photos to the next level?  In addition to being a great way to capture family moments and life events, photography can be an excellent addition to your child’s skillset and enhance their education. 

Length & Duration: 60-minute live, virtual meetings once a week for 4 weeks

Girl with Camera

This Working Group will train parents to:

  • Consider what makes some images more appealing than others.

  • Develop basic photography skills including camera how-to, composition and lighting.

  • Design learning experiences to help your child take great photos.

  • Cultivate creativity and see the world in a different way.

Appropriate for parents of children of all ages, including preschool through 12th grade.


Erin Gannon

Erin Gannon

Erin Gannon is a passionate educator with 22 years of classroom experience in grades 2-5. She has had many opportunities to train and mentor other educators and parents on a local and national level. She contributes to the development of curriculum and assessments for Discovery Education and serves as National Faculty with PBLWorks.