Project Design (PBL) for All

How do you turn your child’s new interest or hobby into a meaningful learning opportunity? How do you take a subject like math or history, and bring it to life for your child? How do you discover new days to help your child see the relevance of learning and its application in the real world?

The research is in, and it shows that there is a “right way” to design projects that will engage the learner in rigorous, authentic learning that sustains inquiry and produces extraordinary retention. Join our Project-based Learning Working Group to learn how to create learning opportunities for your child at home through projects. 

Length & Duration: 60-minute live, virtual meetings once a week for 4 weeks

This 4-week Working Group will:

  • Guide parents to understand and implement the critical research-backed elements of project-based learning

  • Provide parents with feedback and critique so that they can improve their project design before launching with their child

We will be in this together, supporting each other as a group, ensuring that “All are teachers; all are learners.” Parents will walk away with increased confidence in their ability to design successful projects for learning. 

Trebuchet Made By Students

Appropriate for parents with children of all ages, including pre-school through 12th grade. Project-based Learning unleashes a contagious, creative energy among students and parents.


Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer founded a pure project-based learning charter school where every student had internships and completed multiple projects annually based on the Big Picture Learning model. She launched the “Center For Excellence” at New Technology High School in Napa that trained hundreds of teachers, administrators, and parents from around the world each year in research-backed, high quality project-based learning. Michelle is National Faculty with PBL Works by Buck Institute for Education, and the Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer for Co-Learn Club, Inc.