Wine Club

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The core values of Co-Learn Club's Wine Club are:

  • Genuine interest in others

  • Desire to help and inspire

  • Listen to understand

  • Willing to be open, honest and vulnerable

  • Tolerance for ambiguity

Length & Duration: 60-minute live, virtual meetings once a week for 4 weeks.

Spend one hour a week with a collaborative group of other parents where "all are teachers and all are learners." You don't need to drink wine to join in the camaraderie of this forum!

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Your facilitator is Michelle Spencer, Co-founder of Co-Learn Club. Her purpose in this Forum is to operate the Zoom video platform and support the group. She'll kick off each session with a quick reminder of the Core Values, and then get out of the way. She is not in charge and does not set the agenda.

Co-Learn Club is not really sure if parents want such a loose, collective, and undefined gathering. This will be our first offering of a Wine Club parent forum, and for that reason we are waiving the registration fee.

We hope you will join us on this journey of discovery and co-learning.



Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer founded a pure project-based learning charter school where every student had internships and completed multiple projects annually based on the Big Picture Learning model. She launched the “Center For Excellence” at New Technology High School in Napa that trained hundreds of teachers, administrators, and parents from around the world each year in research-backed, high quality project-based learning. Michelle is National Faculty with PBL Works by Buck Institute for Education, and the Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer for Co-Learn Club, Inc.